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Automatic Touch Free Car Wash

Our Touch Free car wash uses the best products and latest technologies. It combines soaps, waxes and high pressure to safely and effectively clean your vehicle. 


We provide a fun and quick wash experience, so you can continue on your busy day in a clean and shiny ride.


Wash & Rinse

  • Hot Foam Presoak

  • High Pressure Wash

  • Rinse

Express Wash

  • Bottom Blaster (Salt Buster with Rust Inhibitor)

  • Hot Foam Presoak

  • High Pressure Wash

  • Rinse

  • Power Air Dry

Deluxe Wash

  • Bottom Blaster (Salt Buster with Rust Inhibitor)

  • Double Pass Hot Foam Presoak

  • Double Pass High Pressure Wash

  • Triple Foam Polish

  • High Pressure Rinse

  • Hot Clear Coat Protectant

  • Rinse

  • Power Air Dry

Ultimate Wash

  • Includes Deluxe Wash plus

  • Nano Quartz Technology

  • Wear & Abrasion Resistance

  • Deep Shine

  • Smooth Feel

  • Hydrophobic Barrier

  • Repels Soils


Self-Serve Car Wash

Our Self-Serve Bays provide the latest in soaps and waxes to help deliver a clean and shiny vehicle. 


While being able to take advantage of our super bubble brush, tough and extremely dirty parts of your vehicle can be scrubbed clean and then hosed off with our high pressure wands. Apply a foam wax and ceramic clear coat for the ultimate shine.

We also have a Mega Wash Bay that that has more space so you can clean your RV or boat.

The Self-Serve Bays offer the following options:
  • Tire Cleaner - Removers brake dust, grease and grime
  • Pre-Soak - Safely loosens road grime and bugs
  • High Pressure Soap - Blasts away sandy soils & Grime
  • Foam Brush -Completely lifts grime and film
  • High Pressure Rinse -Removes soap and dirt particles
  • Foam Protectant - Protects your clean car
  • High Pressure Wax - Repels, shines and protects
  • High Pressure Rinse - Allows your surfaces to dry spot free
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